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Affordable Fitness Trainer

Personal Trainer in Zanesville Ohio

Transform Your Body

You deserve a body that will last.

You have dreams.

You may want to lose weight and keep it off or build muscle and strength.

You may even just want to be healthier so you can enjoy your life more.

You may not even know how to start.

Robert Lipstreu can help you change your behavior so you can meet your goals.

Advocacy Fitness was created to advocate safe, comprehensive, fun, and affordable fitness for everyone.

Fitness Trainer

Robert Lipstreu

“I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and not like what’s looking back.

I know what it’s like to have people make fun of your body and demean you as a person based on your physical appearance.

This hammers your confidence into dust and pounds your self esteem into the ground.

I also know what it’s like to be bed ridden due to a back injury.

None of these things are fun and all can lead to depression, from which there seems to be no escape.

With consistent fitness, I’ve found all these things are defeated.

Confidence is built will each rep completed and every mile tread underfoot.

Now I have the confidence and courage to do regular OCR’s, virtual runs, weekly runs, and I don’t care what other people think when I’m in the gym.”

Robert Lipstreu is a Certified Master Trainer in Fitness Training - Youth Fitness - Senior Fitness - Exercise Therapy - Fitness Nutrition - Strength & Conditioning and CPR / AED Certified

Supporter of our Veterans and member of Team Red White, & Blue Zanesville.

Training goals


Reach your goals. Robert Lipstreu will help you accomplish your fitness goals. He wants to be your advocate. He will empower you to own your health by teaching you to make healthy choices.

Lose Weight the Delicious and Healthy Way

He trains you one on one, how to make the best choices for your body without replacing meals or losing your wallet. He’ll teach you about supplements and food so you don’t waste your money. Aisle by aisle he will show you how to save money as you buy the most nutrient dense foods that will nourish your body and help you lose unwanted weight.

“For the same price you’d pay for whey protein ($60+) you can buy wholesome food that will be just as nourishing, if not more.” Robert Lipstreu

Gain Muscle

He’ll teach you how to gain muscle without harming your body. Value and advocating common sense training. “Safety is my chief concern. I focus A LOT on proper form and technique. Sure you may be able lift a lot of weight, however, at what cost? You get one body in this life, so getting in shape safely is paramount. After all, you’re not training anything if you’re injured.” Robert Lipstreu

Train for Events

Fitness needs to be maintained so you live the best possible life. Goals to train for an event can help you become fit and keep you fit as you continue to compete. Advocacy Fitness can help you prepare for Road Races, Mud Runs, and life events like looking good for your wedding, high school reunion, or a vacation. Getting healthy isn’t a selfish endeavor. Besides helping you live the full life that will enable you to contribute to society, you can become fit to help others. Robert Lipstreau’s was inspired to help people with cancer when his aunt died from cancer. When looking for mud run challenges, he saw St. Jude Warrior Dash benefits children, families suffering with cancer. These events also build friendships and develop camaraderie with the team that run it with you.
There are also virtual challenges that help you stay motivated, keep you accountable and help men and women who are wounded. Stop 22 helps prevent suicide. Battle Frog benefits Navy Seal’s family after death. What could you do if you were able to do it? Robert may be able to help you reach that goal.


Advocacy Fitness is located in Zanesville, Ohio. Robert Lipstreu can train you when and where it is convenient for you. We welcome e-mails. Get in touch today to help you become fit.